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Why meditate? Meditation Benefits and statistics

With no doubt, meditation is a growing trend. In the last few years meditation has become the most natural way of releasing stress and anxiety, fighting depression, becoming happy, and finding true inner peace. Approximately 25% of employers offer meditation training and this percentage is projected to double in the near future. Almost every leader of a large corporation meditates in order to cope with daily stress and responsibilities. The city of Rio mandates daily meditation programs for millions of students attending public schools. Several other countries and different institutions plan to do the same . Even the United Nations is currently conducting studies on meditation benefits!

Many ask what is meditation? Simply put, to meditate means to reflect, to engage in contemplation. Reflection through meditation focuses on the self who is part of a larger spectrum (universe, community, team, family etc.). Only by understanding oneself, can a person find the reasons for the struggles, issues, stress, and sadness. Furthermore, only by understanding oneself can a person discover their original state of mind.

Why you should consider meditation as part of your daily routine?

In order to have a healthy life, we need a healthy body as well as a heal thy mind.

As we take care of the body by eating healthy foods and exercise, the way to take care of the mind is through meditation. There are so many phenomenal benefits of meditation:

Increase in emotional well-being:

1) Meditation increases self-esteem - it is through life experiences and in result - thoughts, that we feel inferior to others. Eliminating these thoughts is what can resolve our feelings and emotions about ourselves.

2) Become more successful - when your mind is clean, efficiency and effectiveness can be boosted by more than 10 times, and you are able to succeed in all your goals.

3) Less worry, stress - once you let go of all the countless thoughts and attachments in your mind, all the mind clutter will disappear. You will live with the most peaceful mind.

Body becomes healthier:

1) Your skin and face become brighter and younger – meditation is a natural botox! Our appearance, especially the face is a mirror of our internal mind and heart. If we hold on to stress and negative emotions, it is reflected on our faces.

2) Increases energy flow – when your min d is free of stress, all the blockages inside your body will disappear. Since the blockages are removed, energy will flow well. Illness and disease will disappear, your body will f unction at its optimum and you will attain longevity.

3) Your brain changes for the better! Studies show that meditation helps protect the brain from aging. Studies also show that meditation decreases the brain volume of the amygdala, which is connected to stress, fear, and anxiety while increasing the brain volume of the hippocampus, which is connected to memory, focus, and learning.

Let's meditate not medicate!

Many doctors have studied the statistics on people who meditate and now prescribe meditation to their patients. These patients have reported more energy, higher productivity and more patience. Business owners have reported that among employees, those who meditate have lower absenteeism, higher production, and better quality work thus proving the statistics on people who meditate are correct.

*Source - Project &*Agence France –Presse report: TM program helps de-stress schools in Brazil

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