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해변에 명상
"The Truth is within you and the true world is within you."

You may have already heard about this phrase or maybe you even
believed this but somehow you have been trying to find the truth
from the outside. Or you wanted to find it from the inside of you
but you didn't know how.

The reason why you can't find truth nor live in the true world is
because you live inside your mind world, which overlaps the
world. the human mind world is made of the body, habits
inherited from the ancestors, and karma which is the life lived.
You can see and find the truth from inside of mind when you
cleanse all of this body, habits, and karma.

We have the method to cleanse them.
completion (5).webp
People live their life according to what they have in the mind. If you have negative thoughts because of negative karma, you live in
a negative world. but if you get rid of the mind world - the body, habits, and karma - and have the truth within you then because
you have the truth, you live in the true world that is heaven.

Your stress comes from your mind world which you accumulated through life. You want to discard it and go to the true world. You
should find the truth and go to the true world from your mind. And it is now. You want to go there now.

All your questions and curiosity will be resolved from there with wisdom. You can achieve what you wanted because your mind
becomes the truth and live in the true world. The way to go to the true world that is heaven is our meditation method.

The answer is within!
Step 1. Cleansing Karma :

Level 1 - Remembered thoughts
Level 2 - Image of relationships and myself
Level 3 - Body
Level 4 - Body and the universe
Level 5 - Body and the universe
Level 6 - Me who has all minds
Level 7 - Me who has mind world
                Me who has negativity
                Me who has all thoughts

Step 2. Cleansing Habits
Step 3. Cleansing Body
Once you join as a meditation member - Check class packages options, private class is only for 1-1, you will have a personalized 1-1 meditation class at 
first to understand level 1 in the Cleansing Karma step and also to practice it. After then, you start to join group class which we have a regular schedule
every day except for Friday 

You can book all classes through our website 
Any other questions: (20) 010-3061-3033 (Whatsapp) 

Recall the remembered thoughts and

images of life in your mind.

Realize where all your stress and

burdens are coming rom and increase 

your self-awareness.

As you become aware of your habits

and attachments, your perspective


See and throw away from the 

perspective of the Universe using the

guided visualization technique.



As you train your brain to realize that

the illusion is not real, you will begin to

realize the Truth which is the Universe

that is existing within you. Keep 

confirming this existence to get out of

your Mind World and to live in real

happiness in the true world.


How To Clear Your Mind - Lecture
황색 오렌지 그라디언트

It is the era to confirm and achieve.

If you clean your mind, and as much as you clean, you confirm and achieve in this era.

The true world is born again within your mind so it is completion.

                                                                                                 Woo Myung

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