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Yoga at Home


There are 10 inspirational books written by Woo Myung, the founder of this meditation.
He has been teaching people meditation since 1996. He helps people awake from their own mind world and helps people find truth since he epiphany he has truth in the mind. So he can guide people to go to the true world. 

And he writes every night with a genuine heart to everyone opens their eyes and ears because it is the time to wake up from each
one's false mind world to find the truth. The suffering even can be resolved in the truth too. Finding truth and go to the true world
is the meaning of life and the key to happiness.

His words provide wisdom and enlightenment in these books. They will drive you rightness way to reflect yourself and cleanse the
mind. You will find the profound awakening of the truth. 



It is with great earnest that I say to you.

Abandon your attachments,
abandon your discernments,
abandon what you know,
abandon your pride,
abandon anything and everything
in your subconscious that moves you.

Completely remove the fundamental roots of 
all of your thoughts.

Be simple and innocent.
Be like a child.
Be a person that knows nothing.
Abandon your curiosity.
Do not be cunning.
Abandon wealth and prosperity.
Such things are what sicken you that are your
worst enemies.

I, who does not possess, am beautiful.
I, who can give everything, am beautiful. 

You, who does not possess, are beautiful.
You, who can give everything, are beautiful.

We, who do not seek from each other, are beautiful.
We, who help each other, are beautiful.
We are always together, we are beautiful.
We can do together, we are beautiful.
We, who transform pain to happiness, are beautiful.
We, who transform impure to pure, are beautiful.
We, who believe in each other, are beautiful.
We, who love nature, are beautiful.
We, who transform from incompletion to completion, are beautiful.

People are beautiful.
Nature is beautiful.
The universe is beautiful.
Coexistence is heaven.
The world in which everything that exists is alive,
is the world of one's mind.
Within your mind, God and Buddha exist.
Heaven exists.
It is truth creation.
Woo Myung
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