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How to Meditate?

There are many people who are searching for meditation. When you meditate, you can get insight about yourself and the world. You can get to understand about yourself more well. You can low your stress level, find inner peace. Meditation is not ambiguous. It is more closed to our daily life and you can get result as much as you do. Let's start our spiritual journey together!


We are glad you to find us. There are many different way about meditation techniques.

Here we are going to describe about it in our way. 

Our purpose is to help people live free of stress and anxiety by realizing their true heart and live together with harmony. You could get an idea about how meditation can help to live our life more wisely and happily.  


1. What is Meditation?

What is
Easy explanation of meditation practice

(1) Understanding Meditation

Meditation is more than relaxation.You can learn meditation techniques about how to look back yourself. 
When you look back your mind, you can truly understand about yourself. When you understand about yourself, you can grow your mind power to change yourself. 
Usually when you exercise regularly at the gym you can grow your muscles. Your body becomes more healthier. Likewise, when you meditate you can grow your mind muscles.

Now meditation is becoming one of healthy  growing as trends all over the world.

(2) About our Mind

Meditation is deeply related to our mind. If you want to understand about meditation, you also want to know about your mind. 
Here we explain about what the mind is. You can get a new perspective about it.



2. Benefits of Meditation?

Actual effects of meditation practice

Meditation is more and more popular and trendy. Countless famous people like Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Lynch, Steve Jobs have been talking about the key role of meditation in their successful careers. Many companies like Google, Nike, Apple, Samsung, LG offer meditation classes to their employees. This is just the cherry on the cake: you already have proof that meditation works and is a key asset. Now it is up to you to integrate it in your daily life.

  • 5 Benefits of Meditation:

1. Understanding about the reason of blockages in your mind. 

2. Truly find the way to rest. 

3. Change your mindset more positively. Your anxiety, worries, stress, cluttered thoughts disappear.

4. Sleep well like a baby.

5. Be more creative.

Meditating woman2

3. How to Meditate?

Here we'd like to share with you simple method.
Meditation method-how to meditate

Humans are incomplete because they live inside self-made mind world that overlaps the world.

This is karma, habits and body. If you throw away the self and incomplete world which is the karma, habits and body,

go to the existence of Truth, and are reborn, that land is the existent of Truth. It is the land where you can live eternally 

without death. You must go to this land while you are alive and live forever.

Step 1. Cleansing Karma :

Level 1 - Remembered thoughts
Level 2 - Image of relationships and myself
Level 3 - Body
Level 4 - Body and the universe
Level 5 - Body and the universe
Level 6 - Me who has all minds
Level 7 - Me who has mind world
                Me who has negativity
                Me who has all thoughts

Step 2. Cleansing Habits
Step 3. Cleansing Body

Meditate while sitting

4. Meditation for Beginner

Experience your peace shortly with our free online live session!

Online Meditation Events was born out of our world-wide meditation organization. We began in 1996 and now have 350 centers throughout the world 10 of which are in the Africa. 

Starting in early 2020 we began putting meditation sessions online. When we saw how effectively it was working and the interest in our programs from people all around the world, we knew we had to share this with everyone, so we added more programs. We are extremely happy to see how well received our events have been and how well our meditation translates to the online format.


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