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The Effects Of the Ma-eum Su-ryun Program On The Brain Function Of University Students

Researchers Lee, D. J. Professor, Aerospace Engineering, KAIST Yu, Y. K. Dept. of Brain Science, Seoul Buddhist University Yi, J. S. Teacher Mansoo Middle School Lee, I. S. Professor, Emergency Medicine, Korean Transportation University

Publisher Journal of Human Completion Vol. 5. Published year 2013

The college years can be a time of instability for some students to feel stress of severe loneliness, self-denying emotions, and a sense of inferiority. However, it is also a period of life when a brain function is very important for future career planning, including academic achievements and judgments.

Currently, various methods to enhance brain function are being talked about. Ma-eum Su-ryun offers a method to enhance brain function by “cleansing” contents of brain such as images, memories and emotions of mind.

Using this method as a school program can improve mental health as well as enhance brain function in students. This study examined the effect of Ma-eum Su-ryun on college students’ brain function by observing brain waves.

The result showed improved brain function, self-control, and overall cerebral stability.

After attending 16 weeks of Ma-eum Su-ryun, participant I’s brain waves showed overall cerebral stability. His brain quotient score also increased from 62 to 77, indicating improvements.

After 4 weeks of Ma-eum Su-ryun, the H participant’s brain showed a well-balanced left and right brain and after 16 weeks, showed overall brain wave stability.

Study purpose

1) To examine brain function of the participants.

2) To confirm the effects of Ma-eum Su-ryun on brain function of the participants.

3) To identify the participants with increased changes in brain function/quotient pre- and post-test, and to examine changes in brain waves for the participants who completed 16 weeks of Ma-eum Su-ryun using 3-dimensional graphs.

Study design

A quasi-experimental, pre- and post-test research design was used to examine the effect of Ma-eum Su-ryun on brain function of college students.

Study participants

The study participants were college students who participated in a Ma-eum Su-ryun college camp at Nonsan Center (which started December 30, 2012) and 11 additional college students who participated in another Ma-eum Su-ryun camp (which started Jan 26, 2013).

Research equipment and meaning of brain function quotient

1) Changes in brain function (BQ-test, brain function analysis program, Korean Psychiatric Scientific Research Center)

2) Brain wave examination: Brain-tech 2 channel-system program Neuro-Harmony M

3) 8 brain function analysis quotients: basic activity quotient, self-control quotient, attention quotient, activity index, emotional quotient, anti-stress quotient, left/right brain balance quotient, brain function quotient

Data collection and analysis

First data collection: pre-test for 11 participants (Dec 30, 2012)

Second data collection: post-test for 11 participants after 4 weeks of Ma-eum Su-ryun (Jan 26, 2013)

Third data collection: post-test for 3 participants after 16 weeks of Ma-eum Su-ryun (May 20, 2013)

Wilcoxon signed rank test (SPSS 18.0) was used to analyze the effect of Ma-eum Su-ryun

Changes in brain waves: brain waves were pictured in 3 dimensional graphs

Study results

Improvements in brain function, self-control, and overall brain function stability were shown after the Ma-eum Su-ryun program.

When inspecting each quotients of brain function, attention quotient (signify brain arousal/attention), anti-stress quotient (ability to cope with stress), brain function quotient (overall ability of brain to function) were significantly improved.

When examining 3 dimensional graph of some participants’ brain waves after the Ma-eum Su-ryun program, brain function stability was seen to have improved.

In conclusion, throughthe Ma-eum Su-ryun, college students’ attention quotient, anti-stress quotient, and brain function quotient were significantly increased to improve thought process, resistance to stress, focus and concentration with overall enhancement in brain functions.

Therefore, Ma-eum Su-ryun is appropriate for brain function enhancement in college students who are in the preparation stage of adulthood; and due to this, systematic education strategic program needs to be developed for its utilization. Because this study only targeted the group which participated in Ma-eum Su-ryun, in the future, it is recommended to further examine and compare with a control group who did not participate in the program.

TABLE: The effect of Ma-eum Su-ryun on brain function quotients

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