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How to meditate?

Bo Eun, Meditation Guide at Cairo Meditation

These days, many people inquire about meditation. Each person has a different reason for meditation. However, what this reason has in common is related to the mind. In general, it seems that there were many people who wanted to find answers to their minds.

By knowing how the mind works, meditation becomes really easy. Then, how did our mind form?

Usually, our minds are formed by the experience of living life. The experiences you've had since childhood are input unconsciously or consciously, like stacking things in a basket. That's why mothers are interested in prenatal care because they think that seeing and listening to good things during the formation of the fetus will help form their personality in the future. However, the problem here is that if you have many bad experiences as a child or in your life, you may have mental problems such as trauma and panic disorder. In that case, you may not be able to control your emotions on your own. Even if you try to make up your mind and think good thoughts, you can't control your emotions as your experiences and emotions at that time are revived. What you can think of here is, then, how can there be a way to return the mind to its original clean state?

Meditation makes it possible. You will be able to empty your accumulated minds. As if washing dirty clothes and returning to new clothes, you can also empty your mind of the memories you have accumulated throughout your life. Then you can truly control your mind. In addition, you will be able to spend each day with a refreshed new mind. It becomes easier to deal with trauma and panic disorder, as well as stress in life. Your mind can be truly free. If you look back on your past life through meditation, you will be able to know better about yourself today. Because your present self was formed from past experiences. The more you know about yourself, the more helpful it is in making numerous choices in life. Just as exercising repeatedly builds muscles and strengthens your body, Your mind can change through repeated meditation training. It is important to think of meditation as a daily routine. Like meditating steadily three, five times a week or every day.

When you start meditating as a beginner, you would think it's hard and difficult. Then it is also good to get help from YouTube videos and applications, but I would recommend you getting help from a guide who has already experienced meditation for a long time.If you want to climb Mt. Everest, which you have never been to, the safest and best way is with the help of a professional hiking guide. Guides have been to the mountain many times, so they can safely take you to the top of the mountain. Likewise when you start meditation for the first time, you would have some difficulties and questions, and in addition, each individual has a different state of mind, so you can easily meditate when receiving customized guides from experts who have already experienced meditation for a long time. Therefore, for those who start meditation for the first time, I would like to recommend you to find a meditation center that suits you and start meditation. If you are a person seeking peace of mind, self-awareness, stress relief, self-development, etc., I recommend you to try a guided meditation.

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