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Gaining A New Perspective During The Pandemic

At These Times Of Uncertainty, We Have To Be Aware Of What We Need To Accept, And What Can Change For The Better. Learn About Coping Strategies That Will Bring Positive Changes.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has rapidly affected our day to day lives in many aspects. Thousands of peoples are getting sick and/or dying due to the spread of this disease. We need to take extra precautions such as extensive hygiene protocol, social distancing, and wearing masks. The new protocols and restrictions are slowing down the global economy and are putting individuals in a battle with these unknown threats.

At these times of uncertainty, we have to be aware of what we need to accept, and what can change for the better. As the famous writer Paulo Coelho said, you have two choices, to control your mind, or to let your mind control you. People who take a proactive action to stay resilient from the current changes will stay calm and positive with what they are doing. As a strong believer that meditation is a great tool to teach your mind how to navigate your life, I would like to share with you a new perspective in this Covid-19 era, and these coping strategies will bring positive changes when you begin to practice them on a daily basis.

You’ve got more time to be yourself physically and mentally in a good way. When you are constantly surrounded by other people, you believe their opinions of who you are, and try to find the meaning of yourself through others. However, as we stay home and have more time to be alone, you can solely focus on your vision and values. Furthermore, you can also begin to learn enjoying stillness of your mind, which is valuable for relaxation and very motivating when you achieve your goals.

You can cultivate gratitude within your mind.

Our society has trained us to get everything we need instantly and, therefore, often without gratitude. For example, you want watermelon in winter, although it’s not in season, you can easily get it from the grocery store. However, since businesses face more and more restrictions, we can’t take things for granted as easily as before. These type of situations can be viewed as inconvenient, however, we can cultivate a mind of gratitude and be thankful for what we can access, such as clean water, fresh vegetables, and a place to sleep. A positive mindset with gratitude helps increase your life satisfaction level, and your immune system, to stay stronger.

Challenges are also part of life and they are sent to help us grow. According to an African proverb, “smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” After altering your perspective about difficulties and suffering and turning them into challenges, you can learn how to face and accept changes in your personal, professional and financial situations during this pandemic. This process itself takes a great amount of mind work and you will find encouragement to continue after experiencing initial successes. Patience is a key element so that you do not become discouraged with your progress. As far as you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, greater wisdom will reveal itself to you.

Many people wonder what meditation is, and associate it with a healing tool when they suffer from extreme stress or anxiety. However, a broader understanding of meditation is to shift perspective and release unnecessary mind, creating true mind and lasting changes. I hope everyone tries meditating and lives happily during this one lifetime.

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