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거품 가지고 노는 아이

the truth within

Live your brand new life

With the true mind, every day is a new day.

Every moment is a new moment.



Ongoing meditation

Meditate every day:
The best and healthiest habit for life
Monthly - 1500EGP

Starting your journey to the

true world

6months - 6000EGP

Build the healthy habit for

meditation daily


Meet with our meditation guide and

you will receive personalized consultation and insight to begin

your meditation practice.


Change your mind, change your life.

Discover the truth within and live with

that mind always. With that mind you

can achieve what you wish. You can

live with unconditional peace and


Live your true life


Ongoing meditation

Continue your meditation practice

and build the best and healthiest

habit. With time, see your mind

become closer to the truth. Obtain

happiness from within.

Start your first month

Start your meditation journey

now. With our guidance, as well

as organized and consistent 

programming, experience the

benefits that can be achieved

through meditation.

How you can start

There are three membership packages: 3months, One year, and Two years. It will take one to two years to graduate from meditation courses. Depending on what kind of mind you have as well as how much time dedicated, it may take longer. In this period, you can reset your mind and restart your life.

For Intermediate meditators, It is recommended to attend the class at least three times a week for the best result.

Free consultation

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