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A Meditation For Anxiety

Meditation and Anxiety

Can meditation really reduce anxiety?

If you are living in the Cairo or other big cities, we may have heard that meditation could work for fighting against anxiety, but we really want to know there is a strong link between meditation and anxiety. In other words, we really need to be sure about whether our lives can turn better and we can be free from all the stress, anxiety and pressure or not. Why is that so? Why do we keep searching around until we are 100 percent sure about things? Maybe because we have no choice but to be always in anxiety, until the point where we really do anything so that we can feel better.

Meditation will Blow Away Your Anxiety

Recently, we can see that some successful people are meditating. Starting with Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Cristiano Ronaldo and , in belgium, Jean-Claude van Damme, many celebrities realized the potential that meditation bears in it and are willing to devote a fracture or even a substantial amount of their time to let go of all the mind clutters and look deeper into myself. and If they could achieve notable results, it would mean that meditation really works! If they could find the inner power through meditation, anybody can take its benefits! If they are already doing it, why would not you?

First of all, everyone has anxiety to some extent. Some more, some less, but all in all, all of us live in a modern society where mental disorders are prevalent: worries about money, fear of the future – especially due to this virus – uncertainty about our work. Also, complicated human relationships make it not easy for us to maintain our status or perform in a competitive society.

Not to mention the high standard that the media is posing to us on how we should look, be, behave and achieve to be a valuable member of our present society. It is also not a easy deal to make more money and receive the overflow of information we are exposed to on a daily basis. No wonder we are endlessly stressed, worn out, exhausted and frustrated and our performance weakens due to innumerable factors of the modern era.

One thing is for sure, we need to slow down a little bit, wind off the daily anxiety and reflect a little but on our selves. If we devote some time to understanding what the roots of anxiety are in ourselves, we have already made a huge progress in getting rid of the causes. Knowing and looking back myself is the first step towards eliminating anxiety.

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