Why are people selfish

Are humans born selfish by nature? Anyone who has ever had a hard time in a relationship or ruined a relationship because of their selfishness would ever think about this question. The reason why one has selfishness is because of one's self-centered mind, and one is only able to see things from his own perspective. Because one sees others only what they want to see and believe only what they want to believe. Humans are thoroughly self-centered. That kind of look seems selfish.

I think about this while looking at the sky. Earth is just spinning. The clouds flow. Aren't humans the only ones that are thinking about it from their point of view? Suppose tens of thousands of people died because of the flood. From nature's standpoint, It just happened as a process or condition of the universe. But, from a human standpoint, "the universe punishes our human beings because we did something wrong." Let's think about it. Isn't it human's own perspective?

In this way, we have a prevalent habit of thinking only from our perspective. Even in a relationship, you can't understand others when you look and talk from your standpoint. From my perspective, I easily conclude that what is good is right and that what is wrong is not. When we realize that everything we think is not right, it is just our self-centered perspective; we can't dare to say anything we know is right. How many times have even scientific theories turned out to be untrue? Neither what we know nor what we remember from the past can be trusted because what we see, what we think is from the self-centered perspective in any case.

"Our brain is characterized by self-deception that deceives itself, as brain scientists have found. The brain edits things that aren't real. None of us can properly remember all of what happened. Everyone interprets it in their way." <Conscious>, Sung Rim Moon

Just recognizing this fact makes many things look different. It also makes me more humble. When others insist on the objection to my opinion, and now instead of arguing, but I ask myself. "Are you sure about what you are thinking is right?"

Communicating with others in this manner can result in a lot of fewer conflicts. It's because most of the arguments start from the thinking that "I am right, but you are wrong." Also, even if we do things for others with good intentions, there is the point that we have done from our perspective. After all, doing something for others sometimes can be a selfish thing at some point.

Looking back on yourself seems to be the beginning of knowing how you have perceived things self-centered. But this is different from self-distrust. If I throw away my self-centered view, I can see the world a little broader and more correctly, so my center of gravity becomes more vital.

This is also something I learned while meditating. I could not realize this until I woke up because I was a very self-centered and selfish human being. However, as I found these minds and discarded all these self-centered minds, my viewpoint has gradually expanded. Having a perspective beyond my consciousness level after throwing away my stubbornness and selfishness, my relationships became much more flexible, and my stress level has decreased unbelievably.

I often think that the more we all get away from self-centered thinking, the more peaceful the world will be. I usually like to study history or anthropology. Everything in humankind originated from this self-centered mind. The opposite of 'self-centered' would be 'world-centered.' I hope the era when everyone lives for each other will come. Let us be genuinely kind to each other without selfishness so that this world becomes a better place to live soon.💞

I would like to share short video about

True meaning of kindness



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