Disinfection Manual in Cairo Meditation

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

<Thank you for your cooperation for each other's safety.

Please follow directions when you visit the center 😊>

1. The center operates on a one-person reservation. (Reservations must be made a day or 3 hours in advance.)

2. 2Meter distance must be maintained each other.

3. *Please always wear a mask*

4. Inflammatory cases such as dry coughs and high fever are strictly controlled entry.

Members with symptoms should return home immediately.

5. After entering the center entrance,

1) Please disinfect your hands.

2) Disinfect your cell phones, wallets, bags, etc.

3) Please takes your temperature by yourself and write your symptoms on the list.

6. Help yourself to provided cushion cover / return the used cushion cover to the collection box at the entrance door.

7. Follow the designed route (footprint) for minimize movement as much as possible

8. Please disinfect toilet with the provided sanitizer(alcohol) in the bathroom after use

Your safety is our priority! When you visit our meditation center, please follow this disinfecting manual video! We are only doing one-on-one session. Making reservation is necessary to visit us. Stay safe and Enjoy your meditation!!

RSVP 010 2779 2005

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*We have our guideline for prevention of Covid-19 to safety of everyone in the centre. Please make a reservation before visit the center

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