What should I do to overcome the feeling of loneliness?

We all feel lonely from time to time in our lives and each of us experience this feeling differently. Different sources have defined loneliness as the feeling one gets when their need for rewarding social contact and relationship is not fulfilled. Some stressed on the fact that one can be surrounded by family of other social relation and still feel lonely because they don’t feel understood or cared by the people around them.

I came across the writer who I admire the most, he explained loneliness as following;

Loneliness is an emotion people feel when the do not feel receive an acknowledgement from others and when they are alone. They feel lonely when they cannot control their minds and when their minds feel empty.

I have been the victim of loneliness through out my living life. I remember being a person who had big dreams of traveling to different countries and adored to embrace and explore the multi-culture of the world. I loved meeting new people and visiting new places. I envied the western, how they lived their lives not bounded to any restriction or cultural limitation compare to where I came from. I was lucky enough to achieve my big dream(traveling) and it felt as a huge accomplishment in my life but never lasted long.

Funny thing is, I begun to miss my home country, being around many people and I felt alone. I thought people from West were very lonely and had no big families and friends. I found them very sad. And so I decided to return home again.

I am a person who runs away from things I don’t want to face e.g. loneliness, fear, control, anger, authority etc. When I encountered them, I judged ,disliked and avoided them. My deepest fear was to be alone and not happy all the time. I tried many ways to make myself occupied and do things that will “hype me up” and help me escape from the wave of loneliness and void within me.Loneliness made me sad and kept me in dark places. So I spent my time being around people who were very happy and always enjoying and not very serious with life. From the beginning I thought there was nothing to be serious about life because eventually we were all going to die and disappear, right?

I told myself that I was going to enjoy my life until my time comes. So I did so. I partied with my friends , met new people and go out often and had a real blast.