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What is the secret to insane productivity?

If you are living as a better you than yesterday, you are living a successful life. Let go of yesterday's mistakes and start over. Yesterday is the past, and it no longer exists. We are all living in a new day like never before. I hope that you and I will fully enjoy this perfect happiness and have insane productivity.

1. I record my day every day

A lot has changed in me since I wrote the diary. When I recorded what I would do and did in an hourly increment, I realized I was wasting my time. As I look back at my diary before going to bed, I reflect. I realized how much time was wasted, and I also learned that I have a habit of procrastinating. You need to know me. I won't repeat the mistakes I made yesterday.

2. Let's study what I do fiercely

I love what I do, for example, what I have to do as a housewife and as a mother. And as a freelance youth meditation instructor, I dedicate my passion to researching meditation classes and finding materials. I make a meditation class for children in Gather Town, and try to convey beautiful spirit to children by looking at children's books written and drawn by wonderful writers from Europe, Asia, Africa, and all over the world. If any of my co-teachers have difficulties handling computers, I do not hesitate to help. It is wonderful to be able to share what I know with someone. If I dedicate my passion and devotion to researching what I love, my abilities will increase and I will be able to communicate with many people.

3. Let's increase the immunity of the body and mind

How can you increase the immunity of the body and mind? I walk or do yoga for an hour every day. To increase the body's immunity. I know all too well that I get nervous when I'm sick. And how to increase the immune system of the mind? You need to let go of the stress that builds up in your daily life. Stress that accumulates in our brains piles up in the cells of the body and affects the entire body. We've been thinking non-stop in our lives, reproducing our thoughts, and we've never thrown it away. So I meditate. For an hour before going to bed, if you throw away the stress accumulated during the day and go to sleep with an accurate meditation method, you will fall asleep very well. It refreshing when you wake up

If you want insane productivity too, you have to change your mind. That will change the behavior. It is up to you to change your mind.

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