What is the best early morning habit for success?

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Getting up early in the morning is like mission for all humankind. I'm also a nocturnal person, so starting early in the morning has always been difficult. Still, I'd like to share my tips on getting up early without any hard work and my story of how my life has changed successfully with the habit of starting the morning refreshingly.

We must first understand what the habit is. Usually, breaking the habit is easier than creating it. That much, our mind is weak, and the body follows this weak mind. Habit is a repeated thought pattern, causing repeated actions, and repeated actions are tough to break.

So it's essential to change your thought patterns first. The thought is the mind. Let us think of why it is difficult for us to wake up in the morning. Maybe it's because you don't want to go to work, or just because you don't want to move. The mind, under the weight of the tedious daily routine, makes the body heavy.

As a way to change the pattern of your mind, how about a five-minute morning meditation. Many successful people recommend short stretching and reading books as habits of opening the morning. And meditation is often on the list of recommendations. They are all good habits. Though meditation can be a little challenging to start, doing this 5-minute meditation exerts more power than anything else if you know how to do it a little and make it a habit.

First of all, 5 minutes is not long. So there is no burden on the mind.

And I want to say that you don't need to sit cross-legged, burn incense, or anything else. I don't even try anything like that. Just think for yourself that it's great enough to think about meditating with your eyes half-open in the morning. And it's okay if your eyes aren't open or your body is half-wrapped in the blanket.

Let's follow this 5 minutes method for about a month.

  1. Say thank you in your heart or out of your mouth.

  2. And you look back on yourself to see if there are things you are not grateful for. If these things come to your mind, like the thoughts that you don't want to go to work, or people you don't want to meet, or something that you don't want to do, it's a success.

  3. Then, recognize that those negative thoughts are the enemies that shall ruin your day.

  4. Lastly, discard these perceived thoughts and feelings into the imaginary trash bin.

If you throw away even one or two negative thoughts like this, you can assume that the 5-minute meditation is worth trying. You may not notice a big difference at first, but you will see yourself saying thank you sincerely if you meditate consistently sooner or later.

We usually feel pain for things that have not yet happened. That kind of mind makes our morning difficult, and if it occurs daily, there will be no happiness in life. Do you want to succeed? Then you need to know your thought patterns. If you start with negative, irritating thoughts as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, it will be difficult to achieve positive results no matter what.

Five minutes can be said to be short or long. If 5 minutes of meditation per day can change your morning as well as your life, wouldn't it worth trying it? And meditation should be a fantastic tool to save your life.

I also would like to share short video about how to change thought patterns and improve your life!

<Resource: Mago Kim's answer to What is the best early morning habit for success? - Quora>

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