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What is love?

True love is the mind of the origin that is without any personal desire or greed. It is the mind of the Spirit and Soul, the accepting mind, and the mind that does not seek anything from others. What we are doing here in this meditation is discarding the false human mind and becoming the true universe mind.

A person who lives with the human mind has curiosities, unresolved questions, suffering, and burdens that come from the human mind. When a person who lived with all of this discards the false human mind, he no longer has curiosities, unresolved questions, sufferings, or burden and his mind becomes the true mind.

He is born again in the Land of Truth and lives forever. This is what we are doing here in this meditation-it is a place where falseness becomes Truth.

In the human mind, there is no one in this world who loves me or likes me. It is out of their own greed and desires that people will tell me that they love me and like me.

Once I discard and eliminate myself, who is false, the false me becomes real. Then, I can know all the ways of the world and also how to live eternally. I will come to realize that Truth exists within my mind and the Land of Truth also exists within my mind.

-'How to go to and live in heaven, paradise, and the land of bliss while living', Woo Myung-

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