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What can people start doing now that will help them a lot in about five years?

Excerpt from Quora

by Donna Seo, Youth meditation instructor

I have been meditating consistently every day for the past five years. Meditation helped me break the habit of giving up. As a result, I no longer give up when I work hard to achieve a goal. Meditation can therefore help you live the life you want.

1. Thousands of thoughts

My bank account is slowly filling up with money these days. I don't have time to spend money because I'm too busy. Your bank account balance is increasing as you work hard. I achieved this because I gave up my obsession with money and worked diligently with my body.

2. Relationships with my friends

I am no longer chasing after love. Mirage-like love was what I pursued from people around me. Until now, I have been disappointed in the process of finding love and meeting people. My definition of love is no longer receiving, but giving without expecting anything in return. It makes me and the other person comfortable to love without greed.

3. Passion

I hope you find something you truly love. By meditating, I discovered it. The freedom and peace of my inner self are what I cherish, and I enjoy living as the true me. Nature is my passion, and I want to be happy without changing. Every day, I also study a little bit of language. Occasionally, I teach meditation to children at school.

4. Thankfulness

Passion alone won't help you succeed in everything. I sometimes fall into the trap of giving up thoughts. However, I am helped by the people around me. I would like to thank those who have criticized me. As a result, it allows me to see myself in a more realistic light. Those who encouraged me are also grateful to me. Because it comforts my heart. It became apparent to me when I taught meditation at school that I could never do it alone. I receive assistance from the school principal, homeroom teachers, and students.

I learned to let go of my cowardice, the desire to give up, the negativity, and the fear of failure through meditation. Additionally, I recommend to you this meditation that has helped me make progress little by little over the last five years.

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