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Today's Market Is Flooded With Health Food Products. But More People Are Sicker Than Ever. Why?

From the corner of happy and healthy

Do you want to eat healthy but always seem to crave the bad stuff? Do you feel like you are at war with your body? A body imbalance could well be the reason. You see, a balanced body is drawn to what is good for it. But an imbalanced body will actually crave what is bad for it. Our bodies are amazing works of nature. Give them the right nutrition, and they can heal themselves. Give them the wrong nutrition, and they stays sick, tired, and or in pain. Today’s market is flooded with health food products. But more people are sicker than ever.

Why? Because all too often products that claim to strengthen, boost and enhance health actually cause a destructive imbalance in the body

by favoring one nutritional element over all others. And if you strengthen one component of a system, something else has to give. The human body is a system; everything in it is connected. Break one component and it stops working properly.

But a balanced body knows what to eat and how to heal itself. Balance is everything. And balance is what’s missing in many of these nutritional products that promise so much and deliver so little.

Self Balancing Food Vegetable (SBFv) and Self Balancing Food Grain (SBFg) are designed to work together. SBFg provides energy to the five major and six supporting organs. SBFv ensures that the five major and six supporting organs function properly. If your body was a car, SBFg would be the gas and SBFv the fluids.

The mission of NUF is to thoughtfully produce a nutritious dietary supplement of the highest quality using commonly available ingredients to democratize nutrition for every body.They created SBF on the idea of full nutrition that the body can easily absorb. This is why NUF soaks their grains in organic apple cider vinegar and sprout them for a day in order to remove phytic acid and other enzyme inhibitors. Doing so greatly improves digestion and bioavailability.

At Heartland Meditation, we believe in happy, holistic health for not only the mind, but also the body. So we try to maintain our physical health by eating top quality foods like SBF. Just wanted to share a product that we love!

For more information about the product visit here at or ask at the center.

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