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The way to heal myself

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

We are hurt for a variety of reasons. The hurtful memory may be forgotten over time, but it is not always forgotten, especially when it is deeply shocking.

There is a bowl. The bowl is full of water. You can't put more water in it'em. If you put in more water, then the water will be overflowing and out of control. This is an example of our mind.

Our minds have our own bowls. And we keep building up our mind on that bowl. We continue to build our minds through our life experiences.. If the mind is piled up so much that it cannot be contained in the size of a mind bowl, it will eventually become a disease of the mind. Not only mental illness but also physical illness. Once those minds are discarded, it is often observed that people's physical and mental illnesses both improve.

People seem to live in the real world, but they actually live in the world in their minds. Just as a frog trapped in a well does not know the world outside the well, so a man knows only what he has experienced, and not what else. Like a camera that records video, people are videotaping what they've experienced. And they are living inside of videotape. That's why we are incomplete.

Then there must be a way to throw away the minds that have been made like this. Just as the frog has to leave the well to experience the world outside the well, you can find a true world by abandoning your own life experience and unconscious habits and bodies.

Once your mind becomes true, your pain goes away. The minds that disappear are false if you throw it away like this. If even the self who created a false mind disappears, you can be reborn again in the real world. When that happens, your mind can be healed.

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