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The way to achieve your goal

The biggest problem is "a grand plan with a lot of attention" due to the short-lived resolution.

Why do some people keep their New Year's resolutions well, and others become short-lived?

The biggest difference is whether you're making a plan in an abstract way, or you're very specifically cataloging what you're going to do to achieve your goal right now.

Professor Sean McCray's team from the Department of Psychology at the University of Constance in Germany gave students a number of tasks to run within three weeks.

The assignments were ordinary things like setting up a bank account, writing a diary, etc.

However, the contents of the assignment were the same, but the instructions were different.

Half of the students were given "abstract" tasks, such as writing about the characteristics of the person who opens the bank account, and the rest of the students were asked to submit "specific" plans, such as how much specifically they needed to open the bank account and what to tell the bank teller. And the researchers waited for the students to open their bank accounts.

Students who thought abstractly and planned to open bank accounts were extended indefinitely, but students who planned specific selling plans reported much faster completion.

Professor McCray said of the results, "People who postpone tend to plan abstractly for things that are far and hard to achieve," adding, "If you plan vaguely, you postpone vaguely."

"When you set a deadline and come up with a specific action plan, things get done quickly," he said. "If you're a manager, you can reduce the problem of delays by having your employees come up with such a very specific action plan."

The best preparation to do well is to do well today.

If it's someone's job, you can do it.

If it's something you have to do, you can do your best.

If you have to do it one day, do it right now.

That's how you achieve your goals. If one has a certain goal, they must have the desire in their minds to achieve that goal. When one's mind has nothing else but that goal, and when they take action, their goal can be quickly achieved.

People fail to achieve their goals because they have countless thoughts. Once people eliminate their minds, which give rise to those thoughts, these minds will disappear. Only when you have no mind at all, can you dedicate yourself to achieving your goal. Then, you can achieve your goal.

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