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The Reason and Purpose the Man Is Born

People live extremely busy lives these days, what with trying to provide for their families, send their children to school, and earn at least as much as everyone else. People live for the comforts of the body; even going to school is ultimately in order to succeed and live the “good” life. A true educational institution that helps people to find the true meaning of life and guides them in their study and practice of achieving this has not yet existed.

The reason and purpose people are born is to live. “Living” does not mean simply living in this world for the duration of this lifetime, it means to live eternally.

We, our bodies, exist because our parents exist, who in turn were able to exist because of the generations of ancestors who came before them. If the fate had not connected our parents, or any of the ancestors before them, on the exact time and day we were conceived, we would not exist. Our existence came to be, against all odds, because of the specific circumstances of our ancestors’ lives.

Therefore, every human being is a precious and rare existence, and the reason and purpose of such existence is to live forever. However, people live with all sorts of self-centered, multi-layered minds of pretense, for this body and in order to survive in this world; and having stored these numerous minds throughout the duration of their lives, they are dead in the tombs of the minds that they themselves have made.

In Scotland, scientists were able to clone a sheep using a single cell. A single cell of our bodies is equivalent to our whole selves; they are, in essence, a whole miniature version of ourselves. Therefore, the cells of our dead consciousness are also dead, and the worlds we are living in are not the real world, but mind-worlds made of the minds we each have.

We all see the world differently depending on what minds we have, and we can only know what is in our minds. These minds are what move us to act in certain ways, and we live different lives because what we hold in our minds are all different and they are all we can know. What we hold in our minds are shadows of past memories – the things we have experienced and learned – but these things are not Truth. We are non-existent illusions, once we pass away; but those who have the Truth within them do not die even after their bodies are gone.

Those who have a lot of falseness inside their minds of their ego or self, live as the false delusions; they are living lives of delusion inside a tomb. When people come out from their tombs and are born in the real world; it is freedom and liberation, and they achieve human completion where they are the masters. Can there be anything more urgent than this? When this happens, and only then, is the purpose of being born fulfilled.

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