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Positive thinking : How to be positive

For people to have positive minds, it is impossible to achieve it within their own minds. Because people have self-centered and biased minds, they have the mind of envy, jealousy, criticism, good, bad, existence, and nonexistence. Such things exist in their minds because their own minds exist.

When people get rid of their minds and become the true mind, then they will have a positive mind, which is an accepting mind. When people have a positive mind, they can always live a positive life. Since they are positive, the work that they do is positive, and so things in their lives will work out seamlessly.

For those who are negative, nothing suits their mind. Thus, what they do in the world is also not positive, and they cannot take action. This is why they cannot achieve.

If a person wants to live a positive life, one should change one's negative mind to the positive mind. The method to change the mind is to throw away the negative mind.

-Teacher Woo Myung-

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