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How to take action?

Bo Eun, Meditation Guide

We have heard that taking action is very important. Without action, you cannot see the results, no matter how well we know the way to success. Then, how can we take action?

When I plan what to do, sometimes I feel bored and I don't want to do it. So I just skip it and do not work as I planned. After that, I regret about this and I feel more worries. So I tried to look back about myself about the reason I couldn't take actions.

Upon reflection, I realized I was already thinking that this small action would not affect the results, but I also wanted big results. This gap caused me to give up taking action and avoid reality. As a result, I did not take action due to my thoughts. After that I felt like 'If this situation is repeated, I won't do anything, and the outcome will be even worse, my head would be filled with endless worries'.

Through meditation, I discarded all of my thoughts. As a result, I became more clear-headed.

So I decided not to think more and just take action. While doing work, I didn't think much and just did it. I felt so much better and didn't worry much. It became clear to me that my worries were caused by not taking action.

Thanks to this meditation, I was able to take action more easier. At the same time, my worries also disappeared. It is such a blessing to live a life like this.

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