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How to succeed

To succeed in any worldly affairs, a person must have the mind that is able to focus wholeheartedly on what he does; only then can one succeed.

A person who has numerous, complicated thoughts in his head will not be able to commit to the work he does, no matter what it is.

It is said that those with good personalities become more successful than people who had good grades in school.

This is because a person can only succeed when he can accept what others say rather than having a selfish, self-centered mind. To become successful, one should always be able to accept other people's opinions and devote oneself to what he does without countless cluttered, delusional thoughts. To have a good personality and work hard, your mind needs to become Truth. Consequently, you can have a great personality and can fully focus on and be diligent with the work that you do, which will lead to success.

-How to have a meeting with God, Buddha, Allah, Woo Myung

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