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How to set a goal

Those who achieve their goals very well makes a specific plan. When they are asked, "Are you doing well for your goals?” They don’t say like, "I did it or not," They say like "I did it up to few percent."
If you have a goal, you can have a habit of dividing your plan into 10 equal parts. Small results are the driving force behind continuing the goal.
Use the If Then When method. For Example: At 6 a.m. (When) / If you take your right leg out of the blanket (If) / Lie down to the left and take out the pillow after 5 minutes.
We sometimes fail to achieve our goals because we have countless thoughts. Once we eliminate our mind through meditation, these thoughts, minds will disappear. Only when we have no mind at all, can we dedicate ourselves to achieving a goal. Then, we can achieve the goal! 🙌

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