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How to increase your concentration?

1. Lower the temperature of your brain When you can't concentrate on a hot day, it's helpful to lower the room temperature a little. Taking a short walk outside in cool weather is also helpful. 2. Take a nap According to the Rochester research team in the U.S., taking a nap widens the gap between nerve cells in the brain, and wastes are easily washed away through the space. The reason why we are absent-minded when we don't sleep much is because the waste accumulated in the brain is not cleaned. At this time, taking a nap for 10 to 20 minutes is a great help. In addition, meditation is very helpful with the same principle. Training to remove waste from the mind is possible by meditation. 3. Stay a little hungry Studies have shown that a little hungry leads to higher cognitive performance. 4. Clean up the surrounding environment Our environment has too many stimulating elements. If the stimulating environment is not cleaned up, your brain will constantly build up fatigue.Studies have shown that the brain becomes more awake and concentrated through cleaning around it.

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