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How to focus and to concentrate well?

I couldn't concentrate well on my studies when I was a student. Even when I opened the book, the sentence did not come into my head well because of my cluttered thoughts and anxiety about the test. Once I started studying, I couldn't concentrate for more than 15 minutes. Perhaps that's why the test results were not very good. I blamed myself a lot, wondering why I am so stupid. I envied other friends for sitting for a long time and concentrating well during self-study time at school.

Then I accidentally started this meditation. At that time, I didn't even know what meditation was. Guide explained that you can empty your thoughts and unnecessary minds here. I was told that if I empty my mind here, I will find my original mind. I meditated hard because I wanted to get rid of my cluttered thoughts and anxiety about the test quickly.

What I realized while meditating was that I was a really greedy person. Looking back at me, I was hoping that only the test results would come out better than the actual study time.

I realized I created more anxiety for myself by being greedy rather than studying harder.

It was amazing to learn my mind through meditation that I didn't even know.

And what was even more surprising was that I could empty all of my minds. As I gradually abandoned my anxious feelings and greed, I felt more and more comfortable. Each time I studied, I felt that my number of thoughts was decreasing.

Since then, I have been able to concentrate well for an hour. As I studied in a relaxed state, I focused much better. And my test scores increased further, so I was able to pass the university I wanted. Also, I felt that my original mind was a clean and pure universe mind, and I realized that I was so bad at concentrating on my work because I made a lot of a self-centered mind. I'm really grateful for this meditation method that allowed me to look back and find my true mind. It really changed my life.

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