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How to deal with stress

If You Understand A Fundamental Reason Why The Stress Occurs And Learn How To Change Your Perspective, You Will Know The Best Way To To Manage And Deal With Stress Without Difficulties.

A stressful mind creates a stressful life. Usually, we believe it is the other way around. We are convinced that an ease-filled life will provide an ease-filled mind. However, have you ever encountered an individual whose life circumstances appear perfect on the outside (ie: they are beautiful, healthy, wealthy, have a loving family, a successful career, and a close knit community) and these people are constantly feeling miserable and unfulfilled. Alternatively, maybe you have met someone with a lot of financial and health challenges and yet they feel at peace with their life. The contrast between what we think we need to be calm and happy and what we actually need is vast. It is our thoughts that shape the reality we experience on a day-to-day basis.

Our minds become congested with disappointment and anxiety whenever we encounter unmet expectations and/or have unpleasant life events take place. We are unable to lean into a state of inner clarity and daily life becomes overwhelming.

Often times, prolonged periods of stress lead to health issues such as stomach aches, insomnia, muscle tensions, headaches, etc. We feel stuck with our negative thought patterns and incapable of achieving change. Internal turbulence takes over and strips us of our sense of wellbeing.

Why is the fundamental cause of stress?

The road to stress is paved with lack of acceptance. We look around us and wish things were different. We tell ourselves that if external change took place, we would manage different stress levels. “If only my coworker behaved the way I expect him/her too, if only my spouse would stop doing x thing, if my sibling reacted differently to things, if my income were higher.” We constantly look for relief outside of ourselves. This is an illusion that keeps us chasing temporary comforts throughout our lives, and never really feeling true fulfillment.

Fixed and stubborn minded people are more likely getting stress compared to accepting and open minded ones.

Fortunately, multiple studies have demonstrated that stress levels depend on the size of the individual’s mind. According to The American Institute of Stress, 73 percent of people have stress that impacts their mental health. Different people can experience the exact same events and react differently. The perception of stress is more relevant that the actual conditions which trigger stress in the first place.

For example, a narrow mind creates high levels of inner turmoil. A narrow mind thrives when you grow fixated in how things “should be” versus experiencing things just as they are. A narrow mind is self-centered, shortsighted and consumed with the self. A narrow mind is incapable of higher consciousness therefore, the resident of a narrow mind becomes easily frustrated.

You can embrace things you couldn’t accept through meditation.

The good news is a narrow mind is a self-construct. The true meaning of meditation is to discard one’s own conditioned mind formed by his life experiences and find a true you and true life. Then stress is no longer in your mind so you achieve wholeness.

The absolute stress-free life can be achieved when one eliminate everything in his mind so the only universe remains. Inner peace and stability is a bonus reward that always exists within even under conflicts and hardships in your life. A wide mind of Universe doesn’t shy away from the fullness of the human experience. You will be able to receives all circumstances and events with grace and wisdom in a wide mind.

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