How does one succeed in life?

Updated: Jan 19

Meditation - The way to improve your concentration and achieve success.

Jim / Meditation Guide at Cairo Meditation

People usually think of their future and how to live a better life.

I was a professional squash player and always wanted to play the game better. I spent lots of time at the squash court practicing, trying to become an outstanding player. I started my career as a squash player later than other players so, I always thought that I had to practice more to catch up with other players.

When I played a match, I was never satisfied with my performance. I was okay when I was practicing, but my practice and actual game are entirely different. I usually wasn't good at the match. I didn’t have enough experience to deal with the variations in conditions and opponents. I had lots of anxiety and pressure, so it was challenging to perform well in the actual games.😖 I found that when I had a bad game, I usually had more clutter and thoughts in my mind. I couldn’t focus on the matches because of my anxiety, and I always felt regretful and sad when I lost the games.😕

I didn’t know how to relieve my stress and anxiety at all. I just thought that I could get better results, earn more money, and live a better life by practicing harder. But my mind was the same for years.

One day, my friend recommended that I try this meditation, so I started to practice it.🧘‍♂️ This meditation helped me look back on myself, and I could see myself when I played the game. I always felt impatient because I always thought that I’m not as good as others. This made me rush when I played causing me to make so many unnecessary mistakes and give up so many points. I would have never noticed this about myself if I hadn't practiced the meditation.

I diligently meditated to let go of my inferiority and impatience. The more I discarded those minds, the more I felt relaxed in my mind.😌 When my impatience disappeared, I could improve my playing skills because I can play the game with a broader perspective.

I continued to meditate for six months, as I did, I started to be much more confident in myself. I could focus on the game even more than any other players. My mindset was completely changed. I felt secure inside, and when I made a mistake, I quickly accepted it and focused on the next point. Meditation helped me to improve my game so much. I won many national games, and I was scouted by an excellent professional team and was given a high annual income.

This meditation helped me to change not only my sports career, but my entire life. Now I always feel confident in whatever I do and feel happy because I am free from anxiety, worry, concern, and impatience. It taught me how to live in the present moment with my full attention instead of being trapped in regrets about the past or fear of the future. I am grateful that I can live joyfully every day.

I hope everyone can gain this type of insight into yourself. You can have more focus on what you want, and have much better results. If you have any worry, anxiety or impatience like me, meditation will help you discard the negative minds so you can live free and confident.

In the end, I would like to share a short video that might help you to improve yourself and become successful in your life. Thank you.😄

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