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Dalia's meditation story

For many years I have yearned for certain clarity of mind, one that I knew existed, but had layers of dust, mud and some sticky thoughts disturbing it. I could sense that underlying clarity, but it would just be a fleeting moment or a beautiful place that felt suffocated by my delusionary thoughts that were actually more than thoughts; they were thoughts ingrained as energy pathways in my body working like circuits affecting my mood and behavior even though I could sense they were not real I was struggling to remove them.

I yearned for meditation and there it was waiting for me. I started the path from level 1 -7 to the current habit class. Devoted reliable helpers “truth mates” whose presence and clarity provided a space from which I could navigate this journey of clearing my mind gently guided me. At first it was a bit of a struggle, but I was aware that it was a process that required patience and persistence and not an easy quick fix, despite the simplicity and directness of this particular meditation study. The mind would waver a bit, but I could still feel that underlying still and clear potent presence to different degrees. The journey through the levels was not linear, but I could feel the ability of focusing and de cluttering my mind becoming more accessible to me bit by bit; sometimes clarity trickled through and other times it was an obvious shift – I would come in sometimes feeling stressed about a situation and after the meditation there would be a total change to the better as if windows opened letting the sun shine through.

I am more and more aware of the preciousness of this meditation, which has the sole purpose of discarding the delusionary false layers, which obscure truth and that the only thing that counts is the truth, where all of life is.

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