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Characteristics of people who think a lot and are sensitive

1. Vision, hearing, smell, and taste are more sensitive than ordinary people.

2. They are susceptive. (People think they are impulsive, vulnerable and timid about it.) But these days, it is widely accepted as an advantage.

3. They are too empathetic. They are good at grasping emotions and predicting even for people they are not close to. That's why they consumes a lot of emotions.

4. They have low self-esteem. Since they compare themselves a lot to others, they have a lot of fear of failure and rejection. They are always in a state of tension.

5. They have a tense and unnatural relationship. They meet people by hiding their real selves and creating false selves. They have high Expectations for human relationships. There comes a moment of disappointment in human relationships due to high expectations. The standard for close people is high.

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