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Book Review: World Beyond World by Woo Myung

Elizabeth Woods

By chance, I bought World Beyond World written by Woo Myung, from Amazon. The title of this book was so unusual, it made me feel curious to read it. Woo Myung’s writing is easy for people of all religions to read. The main contents of this book are a collection of questions and answers about the things we have wondered about in life; God, Truth and the interpretation of Bible verses.

In my lifetime, I have always wondered what the real world is and my curiosity has never ceased.

As I read this book, Teacher Woo Myung answers this question and more. After reading this book, I understood the concept of the True world more clearly and in a way I couldn’t before. Even though I’ve only read his book, I feel as though I have become enlightened to something. I feel like I was taught directly by Woo Myung.

I’ve always thought that the world that I’ve lived in is the real world and truth. After reading this book, I learned that the world I’d been living in was not true and was an illusion which would disappear someday. I also learned that if I return to the place that does not change while I am alive and am born again there, then, I will be in the true world, the world beyond the world, the world of completion and the world of the resurrected.

To put it simply, as it says in this book, the lifespan of a human is only 80 years, and the stars, moon, earth and sun can live longer than 15 billion years. Things that came forth from the universe as material objects disappear into the emptiness when their lifespan is over. All matter in this world comes out of the pure emptiness of this universe and returns to this pure emptiness. This pure emptiness itself is the truth, and the world beyond the world.

Also, in this pure universe emptiness itself, there is body and mind, soul and spirit. When a person throws away his fake body and mind, changing to the true universe body and mind, and then is born again, that is the resurrection that is mentioned in the Bible. If one abandons their body and mind, and is reborn as the true body and mind, then they are a complete person, a person living in the true kingdom, and a person born in the world beyond the world.

After reading this book, all of my doubts disappeared and I know what is true and what is false clearly in my heart. After reading this book, I am very grateful to Teacher Woo Myung, who gave me such a great enlightenment. He is the one who is truly enlightened. He conveys the most difficult topics very easily through his writings. It seems that the most important thing in the world is for humans to live. Everyone knows that this body will someday disappear.

However, if while alive, we are reborn as the eternally unchanging universe or God’s body and mind, we will live forever in a world that never dies; like the title of this book, in the world beyond world. To achieve this would be like a dream. After reading this book, I really felt that I wanted to be taught by Teacher Woo Myung. He also has many other books that he’s written that are available through Amazon. I plan to buy more. This book is helpful if you are longing to know more about the true world or if you are interested in religion, meditation and the spiritual world. Even if you’re not interested in these things at all – I highly recommend reading this book!

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