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Dalia Hazem

"I hope to become a more positive woman and this will not be achieved unless I finish my habit class.

I recommend anyone to start this meditation and be committed to it, as commitment will help a lot in feeling the positive change within you."

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Kay Faraz

"I was suffering from unprocessed emotions which had accumulated over the course of my lifetime from birth to now.

After meditating, I just feel that I can deal with whatever is thrown my way and I don't respond emotionally anymore." 


Ahmed's testimonial in Arabic

Ahmed testimonial in Arabic
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They're so welcoming and friendly! absolutely loved the place


it's an amazing place! every moment there is precious, every person there is compassionate, every room is heaven! , every corner of the place is a home! and every tone of music is just breathtaking. In short this place is the time machine, in a pure and real way, for the serenity, peace, zest and a walk-in birthing!

today I'd never forget! They helped me so much, they all highly patient, super sympathetic and completely professional.

I love that place I appreciate their extreme effort and their care for every single detail of me and my needs.

Cairo Meditation, I love you!


This has changed my life completely. Through meditation I was able to change all of my bad habits, improve all of my relationships and find true peace and freedom. The guides here are so warm and bright, their happiness shines through them. I am so grateful that I could find it. I have already recommended many of my family and friends and they have also seen the benefits. I highly recommend it!

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