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Teacher Woo Myung

As a result of years searching for a way to achieve human completion, Woo Myung founded Ma-Eum Su-Ryun with its 7-level method to discard human mind. He has since dedicated his whole life to helping people of the world to discard all of their human minds so that they can live completely with the mind of the Universe.

Realizing his Destiny to
Teach Truth

A constant riddle in my mind was the fact that we had to die after living this way – as well as where we come from, why we live and where we go after we die. I also pondered why we all come into the world but only some people become saints, while others such as myself are just ordinary people.”
– From Stop Living In This World, Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness, Live There Forever

The answers to these questions only came to Woo Myung after he achieved Truth. He then realized that anyone can become Truth if they discarded their selves, and he began to ponder on the best method possible to teach others to also become Truth. “In order to teach people, there needed to be a method. I studied this question from the perspective of ordinary people.” He no longer needed to cleanse his own mind, but he studied even harder, eventually resulting in seven levels of meditation methods. To this day he continues to study, write, and give speeches on these questions.


Woo Myung is known for being a spiritual leader who works harder and endeavors more than the students who come to learn from him. Perhaps this is because he knows better than anyone the reason people are born and given precious life, and why we must not fail to become Truth. For him, the moment when all people in the world become Truth cannot come soon enough and he makes full use of each moment of every day to this end.

He once said, “It is not my purpose to make disciples. I am here to make masters.” He was referring to the fact that anyone can become Truth when they meditate according to the meditation method and his teachings. Ensuing results of the meditation have shown the universality and accuracy of the method. It also carries the meaning that those who have become Truth can become masters who can guide others to Truth.

Throwing Away False Minds: Opening the Path Towards Human Completion

Woo Myung’s sole purpose is to help people to escape from their mind worlds and become one, so that they may live in the true world as an eternally liberated and peaceful existence. He created a complete method that enables people to discard their false bodies and minds and be reborn as their original true selves.

This meditation method is not confined to cultural or racial boundaries – everyone, regardless of their race, gender, or background, can become Truth when they discard their minds. It is only common sense and natural that when the human minds that everyone carries within them are discarded, the true mind of the origin emerges and everyone becomes one.

Meditation to find one’s true self continues to grow around the world; and as the number of meditation students increases, many people have expressed their appreciation and thanks to the man who founded the method. However, Woo Myung finds meaning only when the students attain enlightenment and become free from their suffering – this is the reason he continues to travel to new and unfamiliar places. Fundamentally, he is a person of Truth who wishes for all people to become Truth as he has.

“The method for human completion is to discard one’s body and mind and be reborn as one’s real body and mind. I think this is the reason this method has become so popular and countless people have attained freedom and liberation and reached eternal heaven. Thus, I feel I have done my work in the world.”
– Woo Myung

      Music List

  • Han Bun Ooh-Suh Bo-Ja

       (Let’s Make Laughter) [Click to Listen]

  • Gwen-Chan-Ko

       (It’s Fine) [Click to Listen]

  • Modoo No-Ah-Ra

       (Let Go of Everything) [Click to Listen]

  • In-Saeng

       (Life) [Click to Listen]

  • Dweet-Dong-Saneh Hal-Mee-Ggot 

       (Granma’s Flower on a Hill of the Backyard) 

       [Click to Listen]

“I write and write calligraphy and prose, and in order to teach people Truth in the easiest possible way, I live writing, then writing some more.” – Woo Myung

Lectures of  Truth That Anyone Can Understand

“Let us think for a moment that we had never been born in the world. The original foundation existed an eternity ago, it exists now, and it will exist an eternity later. This existence is what has always existed and will always exist – before we were born, and also after we pass away. When we think that we had never been born, aren’t we this original foundation?

If we were to compare our lives to the time of the original foundation, it is like dreaming a dream for a split second. Inside that dream, we make a world that only we ourselves have. Our parents, siblings, ancestors, hometown, schools, spouse and children are all in that world. We have attachments to money, love and fame in it. It is a life lived having departed from the original foundation. From the perspective of the original foundation, we are dreaming a false dream alone for a split second. Getting rid of this dream completely is the practice of our meditation….”

He explains Truth as if it was always this easy, and gives hope and courage to people that they too can become Truth by explaining it simply and clearly.


His World Tour

The world is wide, but I am living a human life with only seventy to eighty years, and there is so much left to do in the world. So regardless of whether it is day or night, all my time is dedicated to teaching people Truth. My mind is busy, so busy, with the constant thought that people all over the world must be awakened; and I am waiting and waiting, for the day when all people have become complete, and all people are able to live.” – Woo Myung

A World-Wide Bestselling Author

Each of his books has become a bestseller, often maintaining their bestselling ranking for several weeks. They have been translated into English, Spanish, Japanese, French, and Chinese; and for his latest book,Stop Living In This Land, Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness, Live There Forever, he was nominated by as a bestselling author, ranking in the 20th-24th place overall as well as 1st place in several categories.After ranking No.1 in 10 categories including Meditation, Self-Help, and Philosophy, the book ranked No. 1 in the Overall Weekly Bestseller List.

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