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Anxiety Relief

Guided meditation for stress and anxiety 

Do your thoughts put you into a “mental rut,” prevent you from making decisions, make you worry unnecessarily, drain your energy, or disrupt your sleep?

Studies show that the human mind creates about 60,000 thoughts per day with about 80% of those being negative and 95% of those being exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before.
The problem is that we don't even realize how much we are overthinking. Those thoughts are subconsciously draining energy and precious brain power and ultimately preventing us from taking the best course of action for ourselves and others. 
Where do these obsessive thoughts come from and how can we be free from them?
Meditation to reduce anxiety
Clearing your mind will help combat ruminating thoughts and lead to better sleep, more effective rest and downtime after work, increased focus, and deeper creativity. Having a clear mind is also good for your relationships. It's about time to invest in some mind-clearing strategies that will improve your life and finally find the True, Happy Self Within.
If you'd like to learn how our guided meditation can enable you to completely remove the fundamental causes of your anxiety, we invite you to our Intro Talk
Watch the video below how we can gain peace of mind with meditation. 
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