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Upcoming Events

World Meditation Day

May 21, 2021 | 3 - 3:45pm CAT

Join us on World Meditation Day as people from all over the globe come together at the same time to meditate. A powerful energy to be sending out to the planet! If your experienced or never did meditation before your energy is important.

Meditation unlocks awareness of our true nature allowing us to see new abilities and potential. Using meditation to gain this awareness we can live a life of joy, happiness, and purpose. We can come to a place where we do not see the differences between each other but feel our oneness. This World Meditation Day should prove to be an unforgettable experience to bring us closer together and closer to nature, and the universe.

Experience how meditation can bring you unconditional peace, clarity of mind, and increased energy. Learn how to eliminate stress, which is a major cause of illness and aging. We’ll have heartwarming meditation stories, and light stretching. We’ll explain where blockages in the mind come from and how to eliminate them. Then we can answer all your questions about how to use meditation for a life of happiness.


Online Free Introduction

Daily (Sun~Fri) at 1pm, 6pm via Zoom


Curious about how meditation can help you to overcome obstacles? How meditation can help you solve your problems? How meditation can help you manage stress? Find out in this consultation! This is also the perfect space to ask any questions you may have!

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About Cairo Meditation

At Cairo Meditation, we offer a guided,
step-by-step meditation practice with
both private and small group class formats.
Our unique method allows one to fundamentally release
the many emotional burdens accumulated throughout life, recovering a state of mind that is naturally at ease and happy. 

The meditation method is simple to practice and
quickly brings about concrete, lasting, positive changes
in one's mind and life. We warmly welcome you to discover the benefits for yourself.

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This meditation is the key to living your best new life

Now you can enjoy our guided meditation program from the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home. 

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