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Everything exists within you

Find the answer from within 

Love the truth more than 'me'.
     Live in the true world.

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This method brings real results

473 members surveyed after 3 months in our meditation program.

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we guide you to discover the true world in your mind!

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화상 회의

Our mission

We guide you to the true world

People live according to what they have in their minds. The one who has the true world in their mind and has been reborn in the true world can live eternally. The one who does not have the true world in their mind cannot live eternally. True happiness and peace exist in this true world.

You will learn how to


Reflect On Yourself


Cleanse Your Mind

Discover The Truth

Realize where all your questions
and curiosities come from

See and throw away from the
perspective of the Universe using
the guided visualization

Realize that the truth which is
the Universe that exists within
you. Live in real happiness in the
true world.

Enjoy our meditation community

         Receive Cairo Meditation practices, research, special offers,
         and events from our beautiful community delivered right to you.

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Membership package

You can access as many group classes as you want everyday according to
the schedule. It also includes personalized 1-1 meditation classes once a
week to receive best meditation progress.
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Start your meditation journey on a 

monthly meditation program. With our

guidance, as well as organized and

consistent programming, experience

the benefits that can be achieved

through meditation.

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One Year

Continue your meditation practice for

one year and build a healthy habit.

With time, see your mind become

closer to the truth. Obtain happiness

from within.

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Two Years

Change your mind, change your life.

Become the Mind of truth.

Live with that mind always.

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Free Consultation

Meet with our meditation guide and learn how to practice 

and apply Meditation into your daily life.

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